a new star in the world of cryptocurrency

About Alioth

Alioth is one of the brightest stars in the night sky. That is why we chose this name for our coin. We have big plans for this project. Like most people, we want to use cryptocurrency in everyday life.
We will strive to introduce Alioth into your life



Coins for Masternode and PoS you can buy on the exchanges

With Alioth, you can make fast, inexpensive, and secure transactions worldwide.
Alioth also gives a high interest rate for investors through Masternodes, which makes this coin perfect for investment.
Thanks to Masternodes, high transaction speed becomes possible, and also a dark sending function, which makes your transactions anonymous.
Since the high functionality of the network depends on the Masternodes, owners of the Masternodes get more rewards than the PoS. This makes the Masternodes much more profitable for investors.
But this does not mean that you must be the owner of a Masternode. You can use coins in your wallet. The more coins you have, the greater your online weight and reward will be


Masternode setup guide →


Stage 1

✓Concept create
✓Core team establish
✓Start of blockchain development
✓Website development
Social media channels creation
✓Creating a theme on Bitcointalk 

Stage 2

✓Website release
✓Test network launch
Blockchain launch 
✓Block Explorer launch
✓Wallets release
✓WhitePaper release
✓Integrating with crypto platforms like

Stage 3

✓Marketing campaign
✓Bounty campaign
✓MNO and other platforms listing
✓Listing on exchanges
to be continued...

POS & Masternode

To make the Alioth network more sturdy, we are based on the masterode network

Quick and Easy Transactions

Using ALTH transactions are secure, seamless and almost immediate, to meet all payment needs


100% decentralized. Alioth is unrelated to any official government and is not controled by any Central Bank


Our team has consultants with extensive trading experience. This guarantees Alioth coin price stability. Our team also offers consultation related to automated crypto trading bots like bitcoin revolution; you can learn more about the bitcoin revolution here.

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